Our vision:

A campus for individuals with intellectual disabilities to gather and gain support at each participants needed level.


The mission of The Curtis Center for Arts

and Education:

To create and nurture an inclusive environment of growth and learning for arts and education for  individuals with disabilities.

We will raise awareness and solicit support and funding to build a college-like community campus that will enhance the abilities and possibilities of adults with disabilities.

We will assist them in achieving their highest potential in a protected environment with standards of excellence.

By providing a place of growth; lifelong learning; socialization; vocational training support; for people with disabilities facilitated by The Curtis Center.


Creating a campus setting for community-inclusive art shows, dramatic productions, and musical and dance performances.

Encouraging service learning, academic growth, independence

and socialization.

The Curtis Center will provide a gathering place for respite and community services such as early intervention, religious instruction, evening dances, games, and movies, while fostering

adult independence.


The Curtis Center

will be a home for our

growing programs.

How will The Curtis Center accomplish this?

Welcome to The Curtis Center

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