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Twenty six years ago Curtis was born.  Scott and Michelle soon realized he would need extra help upon diagnosis of a rare genetic disorder KNOWN AS Prader-Willi Syndrome.  His life brought discovery to the Holbrook’s lives.  Thus their journey began.  The world of disabilities opened up.


Michelle became a special educator, eventually teaching at the high school level, in hopes of totally understanding laws and guiding and providing the best opportunities for Curtis.


As Michelle assisted Curtis she learned of the needs of many other families in their similar situation.  Out of necessity and concern Michelle gathered the parents of Curtis’ schoolmates and formed a

non –profit organization “Just For Kids of Utah County, Inc.”  At the inception of their organization – The Just For Kids Summer School program started – their children needed the congruency of school year-round.


Next CAME support for adaptive sports programs in Lehi, now boasting up to 325 athletes and unified partners each season.  Athletes and teams from the Lehi area have competed at local, state, national and world competitions.


Once again, a need surfaced. Year after year, Michelle watched her former students complete the federally funded educational programs to find themselves at home without employment or socialization.  Parents were beside themselves as they tried to create something for their adult children with disabilities.


Many of these wonderful people were sentenced to life at home, a life without friends and a life with less meaning. Thus, the HIVEs was created an on-the-go, educational, activity program for adults with disabilities.

Federal initiatives in support of adults with disabilities having more access to the work place have been created.  Our newest program is JFK Works, promotes in house and on the job training for our participants.


Now, collaborating with organizations around Utah, the intense need continues to emerge.  Many adults with disabilities in our great state are without services.  Thus, the vision continues as Michelle reaches for a beautiful facility of learning and performance to serve more...

The Curtis Center!

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